Upcoming Events

Regular Programmes at Al Quaim

Monday to Wednesday (5 – 6.30pm) – Children’s Quran recitation class. Urdu classes also available. Please call 07915 439753 for more details.

Thursdays (start 7.00PM) –  Dua E Kumayl/Hadis e Kisa and Moulana’s speech followed by Niyaz. Bajamaat Namaz

Fridays (start 12.00pm) – Namaz e Juma.

Children’s Saturday Classes (start 10.45am – 1:00pm). Note: Classes are being delivered online due to COVID-19.

Upcoming Events for the Month

Assalam o Alaikum


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public events / gathering in the centre is restricted.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to join the programs online at www.YouTube.com/AlQuaimSlough.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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