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March 2021

Shahadat Imam Musa Kazim a.s Wiladat Imam Hussain a.s, Hazrat Abbas a.s, Imam Zainul Abideen a.s
Wiladat Imam Mehdi a.s

February 2021

Jashan e Wiladat Hazrat Fatima s.a Wiladat Imam Muhammad Baqir a.s Majlis Shahadat Imam Ali Naqi a.s Jashan Wiladat Imam Ali a.s
Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Zainab s.a

September 2020

Majlis e Shahadat Imam Zain ul Abideen a.s.
Majlis e Shahadat Bibi Sakeena s.a.

August 2020

Jashan e Wiladat Imam Ali Naqi a.s
Jashan e Eid e Ghadeer 8th Aug
Majlis e Shahadat sons of Hazrat Musim bin Aqeel a.s.
Jashan e Eid e Mubahila 14th Aug

July 2020

Jashan e Wiladat Imam Ali Reza a.s
Majalis e Shahad Imam Taqi a.s, Imam Baqir a.s & Hazrat Muslim a.s

March-April 2020

Jashan e Molood e Kabaa (a.s)
Majlis e Shahadat Imam Musa Kazim a.s
Jashan e Wiladat Imam Hussain a.s
Jashan Wiladat Imam e Zamaan a.s.

February 2020

Jashan e Wiladat Bibi Fatima S.A
Jashan e Wiladat Imam Baqir A.S
Majlis e Shahadat Imam Ali Naqi A.S

January 2020

Majlis e Shahadt Bibi Fatima S.A
Khamsa e Fatimiyyah S.A

December 2019

Jashan e Wiladat
Imam Hasan Askari AS

November 2019

Shahadat Imam Hassan Askari AS
Eid e Zahra (S.A), Wiladat Hazrat
Mohammed SAW & Imam Sadiq AS

Assalam o Alaikum


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